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Cordelia Adventures in the Snow

Originally posted on Plough Your Own Furrow:
Cordelia loves being out in the snow.  I think it taps into some deep, ancestral urges or something. She would stay outside forever (or at least until she got hungry, sooo, 5 mintues?)…

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Cordelia’s Christmas

For me, Christmas was… The Christmas Tree, whose branches sheltered me. And delicious Gifts, like these giant lamb bones (d. couldn’t separate the two, so I had to have them both, heartbreaking, yes?).  I’m sure I don’t know why I … Continue reading

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Cordelia’s Scary Halloween Photo Shoot!

It’s decision time, and the question at hand?  What should I, Cordelia, be for Halloween? m. went camera crazy today and took about a million shots of me in the three costumes I have:  the glow-in-the-dark skeleton shirt I wear … Continue reading

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Cordelia’s history lesson

There is a lot you can learn from me, here is just a little of what I know, captured on video: It doesn’t get any better than a fresh, local, sustainable river on a hot day.  And this day was … Continue reading

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m. and I, being together.

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The burp heard ’round the world

Yes, I am a pig, thank you very much.  I challenge even a pig to be as piggy as me. I love foods, there is no shame in that.  Friends on facebook and youtube will have seen this already, but, … Continue reading

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