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If Only…Radical Pet Products

If only Cordelia was a cat, I would get this: If only Cordelia didn’t hate anything on her head, she’d make you shake in your boots this halloween in this: But this idea, I can do!  As long as the … Continue reading

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Hot & Hip Pet Beds

While many pets are happy to curl up the floor, it is good to have a warmer, more comfy place for your pet to sleep.  Afterall, we all like options. Speaking of options, there is an endless amount of pet … Continue reading

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Products for Pets: Collars for the Holidays on Etsy

Collars like these make me wish you could actually see a collar on Cordelia through all of her fur!  I just might get one anyway, because I will know it is there and it will make me happy and bring … Continue reading

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Cordelia’s Pot Roast Dinner

There is nothing I like more than eating.  I don’t need to tell you, you’ve seen the evidence! And, here, you will see more. Once upon a time, last week, m. and d. were once again neglecting me.  They actually … Continue reading

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Cordelia’s Scary Halloween Photo Shoot!

It’s decision time, and the question at hand?  What should I, Cordelia, be for Halloween? m. went camera crazy today and took about a million shots of me in the three costumes I have:  the glow-in-the-dark skeleton shirt I wear … Continue reading

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Grooming Cordelia

m. here.  Yesterday I took on the task of grooming cordelia.  If I could get myself to do it more often, it wouldn’t be nearly as big of a job as it was.  She is a double-coated Pomeranian which means … Continue reading

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Products for Pets: These Creatures Feeders

Check out these feeders made by These Creatures, they put the f in fun and functional 😉 .  You can choose between a standing feeder or a hanging feeder in several hip designs and cool colors.  I love it when … Continue reading

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