Amongst Boxes

M. and D. are dragging me back over to Yakima, which makes me happy. I will be able to lay in the garden and will have about a million places to poop. It is going to be awesome.
Here I am in one of my favorite spots in the house, I can see M. and D. from here. Unfortunately they have been moving around a lot more, stacking boxes everywhere – I like it best when they stay in one place. I wonder where my favorite spots will be in the new house? And here I am helping m. pack –

BTW, if you haven’t already, you should ‘like’ my page on facebook, I am very entertaining.

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1 Response to Amongst Boxes

  1. sharon says:

    Cordelia, you’re entering a whole new world, with your own backyard kingdom – reign supreme, as the princess you are!

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