Vacation At The River

Cordelia gets hot.  It’s true.  She roasts like a juicy little shoat hog in the sun.  And before anyone accuses me a cruelty for not trimming her luscious, huge coat of hair, let me explain.  I used to cut her hair quite short, every summer, until I read that I was probably exposing her to more heat by doing so.  Here is how the story goes:  human sees fur coat on dog, human assumes fur coat makes dog extra hot, human removes most of fur coat to help with heat, human destroys the coat’s ability to self-regulate heat and cool the dog down and exposes dog’s skin under coat to the sun.  So I stopped cutting Cordelia’s hair in the summer.  I decided to trust nature.

Nature can help in other ways too.  Here are a few videos taken by my talented cousin Spencer on our family vacation, which demonstrate nature’s fantastic doggy cooling abilities:

Cordelia wasn’t excited about getting in the water, but I can tell you, she was happy afterwards.  We were just leaving our vacation and headed out on our seven hour drive home when d. had the brilliant idea to toss her in the water.  Cordelia had a much better car ride after cooling down in the river.  We didn’t hear any panting from her for five hours! It was truly miraculous.

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3 Responses to Vacation At The River

  1. Pete says:

    We loved her swimming scenes. Mom says she’s an air swimmer!! Love, Mom & Pete

  2. Hello Dad & Mom G. 🙂 I am glad you enjoyed the videos, her air swimming always makes me laugh!

  3. Pomeranians are a breed of all their own, and you were right to trust nature 😉

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