Cordelia’s Christmas

For me, Christmas was…

The Christmas Tree, whose branches sheltered me.

cordelia the pomeranian dog

cordelia the pomeranian dog

And delicious Gifts, like these giant lamb bones (d. couldn’t separate the two, so I had to have them both, heartbreaking, yes?).  I’m sure I don’t know why I look like I’m possessed by an evil spirit in this photo.  m. did you doctor this photo to make me look like a ravenous evil beast?

cordelia the pomeranian dog

And Snow!!!

cordelia the pomeranian dog

And food.  I love the holiday season. In Yakima, there was always someone eating and they usually shared.  I did my best to look pathetic and starving, it definitely worked!

cordelia the pomeranian dog

I tried to do a little exercising in between my begging.  Stretching is important to digestion.

cordelia the pomeranian dog

And, of course, it wouldn’t be Christmas without Sparky, with whom I shared the spoils of Christmas.

cordelia the pomeranian dog

Lastly, Christmas means travel (and sleep, especially after all that food and all that running on carpet!)

cordelia the pomeranian dog

We rode in Grandma’s car on the way home and m. had to give me her pillow to sleep on since I was having trouble getting traction on those slippery seats.  Would you believe m. laughed at me when I jumped into the car and started sliding around?  The nerve.

Now I am home, still taking naps under the tree, amongst all the dry needles, playing with the bag of catnip I got in my stocking, and crossing my paws that there are more of those bones in the freezer.

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