My Eye

The other day I had a bit of an issue with my eye. I didn’t want to open it all the way, so I had to walk around looking like I was winking at everyone.  m.  checked out and didn’t see anything, but I swear, there was something there! m. and d. kept asking me if I was a pirate and needed an eye-patch.  haha.  You guys are so funny, you should totally take that routine on the road, preferably far away from me.

cordelia the pomeranian dogAs far as I was concerned, this was serious.

cordelia the pomeranian dog

arrr matey (m. no! stop captioning my photos!)

m. decided this was the perfect time for a photo shoot.  I modeled through the pain, as all good models do, and we got some pretty good shots.  It took me a few days to get over the resentment of m. documenting my pain and calling it “cute”. But, she feeds me and snuggles me, so I was willing to put this behind us.

cordelia the pomeranian dog

tired already

The photo shoot took so long, I finally had to insist we take some shots of me reclining.  I think they are actually the best we got that day,  don’t you?

cordelia the pomeranian dogEventually m. figured out that one of my glossy whiskers was twisting and turning it’s way into my eye.  She fixed it and, after several minutes of my not quite believing it was all okay, I was able to open my eye! (que the heavenly music here).


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