My Thanksgiving Adventure

Early in the morning on Thanksgiving day m. and d. woke me up. After packing the car with a bunch of useless things (wine? it means nothing to me) and a few useful (turkey…of course) we began our trip over the mountains.

I started the trip my nestling down for a good rest:

cordelia the pomeranian dog

But then d. started eating…

cordelia the pomeranian dog

And then I thought we should sing some Christmas carols, even though this was Thanksgiving.


cordelia the pomeranian dog

me singing 'hark the herald angels'

After that, I fell asleep again.  I slept peacefully until m. decided to wake me…


cordelia the pomeranian dog

this had better be good

It turns out she had a good reason to wake me (good thing for her).  We were almost there; Yakima was just around the corner!

cordelia the pomeranian dog




cordelia the pomeranian dog

i would like to introduce the carpets

and Sparky:


cordelia the pomeranian dog

Sparky, my bff

and a kitchen, with foods (which i actually should have mentioned first):


cordelia the pomeranian dog

if you could read my mind: drop something, drop something, drop something

I had a great time frolicking in the snow, eating every morsel I could get, getting tons of pets, and playing hard to get with Sparky.  I really didn’t want to leave. At least I’ll always have the memories!

g. midge did this impression of me:


cordelia the pomeranian dog

it's like looking in a mirror

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4 Responses to My Thanksgiving Adventure

  1. Elaine, high priestess of the Church of Dougie the Love Pom says:

    Aww, those pictures are sweet. Dougie had a raw chicken leg for his thanksgiving dinner. Nummers.

  2. Mandi says:

    Oh my gosh, seriously cute. Cordelia is wise beyond her brain size.

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