Cordelia’s Pot Roast Dinner

There is nothing I like more than eating.  I don’t need to tell you, you’ve seen the evidence! And, here, you will see more.

Once upon a time, last week, m. and d. were once again neglecting me.  They actually let me run out of food!  To make up for it, m. let me eat what they were eating:  POT ROAST!  She only gave me a little bowl, I tried to tell her I’d rather have hers, but she didn’t seem to understand.

pot roast

Whenever m. and d. think they are doing something extra-special for me, they insist on making me sit, drooling, to wait until they release me. I should have pretended to be stupid from the beginning, untrainable, I could have saved us all some time.

cordelia the pomeranian dog pot roastcordelia the pomeranian dogcordelia the pomeranian dog

And just in case you aren’t bored yet, m. video taped me eating, again. (lots of eye-rolling inserted here)

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2 Responses to Cordelia’s Pot Roast Dinner

  1. aubrey says:

    Is it weird that I could not care less about people’s baby pictures but I am filled with joy after watching your dog eat pot roast?

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