little red riding hood

m. here! I like Cordelia to be able to be a dog, she isn’t my toy, even if she is a toy breed. I don’t need to spend a lot of money making Cordelia cute, she comes by it naturally.  Cordelia is a dog, which means she doesn’t need clothes and, generally, I don’t put her in any. I will admit to having a few items of clothing for her, which I make her put on so I can point and laugh, then take a few pictures before removing them.  She honestly doesn’t mind these moments, but I tell you, if any sort of hood is involved, the game is off, depression and humiliation set in.  We avoid hoods (mostly).

To be fair some dogs need to wear coats and/or shirts for warmth or protection. Cordelia doesn’t though. She is a double-coated Pomeranian, she has a warm,top-of-the-line, luxurious fur coat all the time (it also happens to have a built in cooling system).  However, occasionally, on a particularly nasty day, Cordelia will wear her raincoat.  Not that the rain makes her cold, but it does make her wet and being wet sometimes makes her cold.  It’s nice for both of us, when she comes indoors, to shed that raincoat and the wet rain in an instant. Is it a necessity? No.  Absolutely not.  Is it helpful? Yes. Am I making excuses to justify dressing up my dog? Maybe.

But look how cute she is!!!


cordelia the pomeranian dog

f. you m.

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