Meaty Meat-ness

Cordelia is going to be excited today when d. and I get back from our morning outing.  You see, we are going to pick up an order of grass-fed, humanely raised meat from Thundering Hooves. Included in this order are 5lbs of raw beef, 1-lb of raw beef w/organs, and 2-lbs of beef marrow bones, all for Cordelia. She already thinks every bag or box brought into the house is for her, and this time, she will be at least partially right.


Thundering Hooves

Pasture raised meat


We have been feeding Cordelia raw food for years now and have witnessed just how beneficial it is to feed our dog a bio-appropriate diet.  These benefits include:  a strong immune system, a beautiful coat, thick, strong skin (great for fighting off fleas), better tooth health, less waste coming out the other end, a healthy digestive track, and a dog who loves meal times more than anything else in the entire world.  The best thing about having a small dog is how little she eats! Cordelia only needs about 3oz of raw food a day, which means that the 6-lbs of food we are buying today, for $18.50, will last us at least a month.

Now all I need to find is a local source for raw green tripe 🙂

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