Cordelia, art critic

Cordelia here.  Can I just say, I think art is super important?  I mean, bare walls have no character!  You need to decorate them.  Art is the best thing to decorate them with.  Recently, m. got some of the best art I have ever seen.  These pieces are going to appreciate SUPER quick and be worth millions in a mater of days.  I have a feeling.  And no, I am not bias at all, this is a very objective opinion.
Prepare your eyes for beauty:



cordelia the pomeranian dog

you can't seeee me



cordelia the pomeranian dog

just hanging, being cool



cordelia the pomeranian dog

treat me.



cordelia the pomeranian dog

in the city, ah aaaaa



cordelia the pomeranian dog

is that foods?


Five 8×10’s of utter perfection.  A very special thanks to l’artist du jour, Charis Brice.  I love what you’ve done here, brilliant.

This is the wave of the future folks,  this is where art meets the edge of edgy and explodes.

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2 Responses to Cordelia, art critic

  1. maltesergr8 says:

    Such a beautiful girl!! 😉

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