Water + Dirt = Mud

continuing river saga:

…so, remember, now it’s time to leave the river and I don’t think m. and d. really thought this through properly.  They stopped at a river while on a road trip and brutally forced me to swim.  What they didn’t consider was how my fur would get sopping wet and how I would then run through the dusty dirt.  Now, science tells us that when you mix water and dirt, you get mud, and, well, it was time to get back in the car.

I call this series of photos, poetic justice!

muddy pawsmuddy pawsmuddy paws(Here you also get to see my pink belly, the only part of me not covered in hair!)

And so I got my revenge, except, as it turns out, m. and d.  didn’t really care about a little mud in the car.  I think they must have been feeling close to nature or something.  We drove off, all three of us happier and healthier, ready to head off into the mountains, with home on the other side.

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One Response to Water + Dirt = Mud

  1. JohnnyRoger says:

    I can see her juicy beast teeths.

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