My Surprise Visit to the Vet…

Well, it was a surprise to me anyway.  This morning before 8 a.m. d. suddenly picked me up and walked out the door with me (without m.).  He doesn’t usually do this, so I was instantly on guard.  We got in the car and drove to…the VET!!! See, I don’t like the vet, so d. thought he would surprise me.  I’m sure he knows what he is doing, but I think I could have handled a little warning (plus, it would have given me a chance to hide under the kitchen table).  Before you get the idea that I am being unfair to the vet, you need to understand that I have had two surgeries. For years I have had issues with my urinary tract, it keeps getting infected.  The infection has been so mild that sometimes m. and d. don’t even know it is there and then, slowly, stones grow in my bladder, until they are so big, the only way to get them out is through surgery. I’m not a fan but  m. and d. don’t want me to have to have surgery again, which means it’s important to keep me free of infection.  And this means that I have get my urine tested four times a year.

So, when d. takes me through those doors and I smell those vet smells and the smell of all that fear, I can’t help it, I try to scale d. like the mountain that he is, hoping for the hand of god to reach down and pluck me from his shoulder. Instead, I get taken from d.’s arms, into a back room.  And this, my friends, is where it gets really scary, in fact, I don’t think I would be exaggerating if I said, this is where it gets terrifying!  To test my urine they need a nice, clean sample.  How do they get this sample you ask? Well, they insert a GIANT NEEDLE directly INTO MY BLADDER!!! Sound horrific? It is. I don’t like it.  m. says it is for my own good.  Yeah, easy for you to say m.  Why don’t you get a needle poked into your bladder and then tell me that?

At least I got a treat when I got home, although I’d say I deserve a hell of a lot more!

Do you have any Vet nightmares?

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