Did you miss me?

Hello followers, sorry for not writing to you for so long.  You may think a dog has nothing better to do than write blogs all day long, but you are wrong.  I am always a busy bee and I have my priorities straight!  Eating is of course the most important thing ever.  I must eat, you don’t want me to waste away, do you? Next, is sleeping.  Then, getting pets, barking, walks, snuggling and playing. As you can see, I have many important things to do before writing a blog.

This past weekend me, m. & d. went to Yakima to visit g. & g. and Sparky.  Sparky is my best friend and sometimes-lover (although he doesn’t really know how to treat a lady, he is learning). I like going to Yakima because g. & g. have a huge yard with so many good places to do my business, plus, lots of duck poop to rub my face in.  For some reason m. & d. don’t like it when I do this, Sparky does though, so I guess everyone is different. With duck poop comes ducks, of course, and I like to chase them.  m. doesn’t like it when I do that either because she actually likes the ducks and thinks they are cute.  I think they look delicious and I like how fast they run from me when I chase them, it makes me feel ferocious and powerful.

It was warm in Yakima so we spent as much time as possible outside, but for the times when were inside there was plenty to do!  g & g have carpet in almost their entire house!!!  Why the excitement?  I can run like the wind on carpet, unlike on the wood floors in my house. I like to pretend I am running round and round a race track and I win every time. Carpet also makes it easier to play toys, so, basically, I like it. After I run, it is nice to take a nap and g & g have Air Conditioning, so naps are pretty sweet.

The trip to Yakima was a lot of fun.  Unfortunately, the way home wasn’t as fun.  We kept going really slow, which makes me think we are stopping somewhere fun, so I kept whining in anticipation, only to be let down.  Usually we go fast and the rhythm of the highway lulls me to sleep, instead, I was tormented by our occasional stops and slow movement. We finally got home, though, and I had dinner and started in on a long night’s rest.

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