Fourth of July tips for Happy Dogs!

m. here! Cordelia asked me to share what I know about keeping your pooches safe on the fourth.

Anyone who owns a pet knows that the fourth of July is not a happy day for everyone, but wouldn’t we like it to be? With explosions going on all around them, many dogs will hide and cower in fear.   In the past, I have used this to help Cordelia relax.  It helps take the edge off and is a safe, over-the-counter pill you can grab at a natural pet food store.  Other than drugs, there are many things you can do to help your dog relax.  The idea is to reduce the stimulus and camouflage the noise from outside.  Dogs like caves; they instinctually feel safe in a cozy space.  This can be a crate with a blanket over it, or a table (with a blanket over it), you get the picture.  Keep it dark and cool and have water available nearby.  Next, provide some soothing background noise/white noise, to distract from the loud blasts of the fireworks.  You could turn on the TV, a cd or a noise machine, or, all of them.

The fourth isn’t an indoor holiday though, is it?  The day is often spent outside, enjoying the sun, friends, family and food!  Dogs are pack animals and they often thrive on these sorts of gatherings.  There are a few things to consider when your dog is going to be outside all day or even for several hours.  First, make sure they have sun protection, especially breeds with shorter and lighter coats.  You can do this by covering them with a lightweight cotton t-shirt and using sunscreen to cover other areas.  You can use sunscreen all over the body, but a t-shirt is better.  Sunscreen can be licked off, and isn’t the best thing for a dog to be ingesting. Next, be sure the dog has a spot to lounge in the shade, with a fresh source of water (even if the fresh source is you occasionally refreshing a bowl of water).  Lastly, wherever you are, check to be sure your dog doesn’t get into anything they shouldn’t.  Dogs are scavengers and are good at finding junk to eat.  In our modern world there are many things that might appear good to a dog, that are, in fact, the opposite.  Apart from junk laying about, also check for plants that might be harmful to your dog.

Keeping your dog healthy and happy on the Fourth doesn’t have to be a complicated thing, but it will give you and your dog peace of mind.  Everyone can have a good time on the fourth!

Happy Independence Day Everyone!

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5 Responses to Fourth of July tips for Happy Dogs!

  1. Shane says:

    Great advice! Might I also add that kitties can get scared too? Mine have been freaked by the loud fireworks, but Happy Traveler or other herbal remedies can be great for them too. Hope all three of you have a wonderful (and calm!) holiday! 🙂

    • Absolutely right Shane, fair point! I would imagine cats would appreciate a nice, safe place to hide out too, perhaps high up.

      • Shane says:

        Holden (the biggest chicken of them all) prefers to be under the couch, rather than high up- it’s all “personal preference” I think. 🙂 June was fascinated by the colorful ones going up several streets away, though. It was very cute to watch her head go back and forth between the different displays visible from our rec room.

  2. Marcy says:

    Hi Joani…just stopped by the say “Hi.” Appreciated your comments.

    • Marcy, thank you for stopping by! And please do let me know if you ever want to converse about kitty food. I worked for 3 years at an natural pet food store where we were able to help a lot of people. It sounds to me like you are doing a great job with your cats! Happy 4th!

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