Cordelia Adventures in the Snow

Plough Your Own Furrow

Cordelia loves being out in the snow.  I think it taps into some deep, ancestral urges or something. She would stay outside forever (or at least until she got hungry, sooo, 5 mintues?) if we didn’t call her in.  Even when we do call her in, it takes her a minute to decide if she wants to listen.  On Christmas day it snowed all day and she went outside as often as possible.

cordelia the pomeranian dogcordelia the pomeranian dogcordelia the pomeranian dogcordelia the pomeranian dog

And here, I am calling her in after the other dogs have already gone inside, she pauses for a several seconds, listening and then shows off her snow skills by running up hill, in fairly deep snow, on some pretty short legs.  She was bounding like a bunny and you can see the happiness on her face.

cordelia the pomeranian dogcordelia the pomeranian dogcordelia the pomeranian dogcordelia the pomeranian dogcordelia the pomeranian dogcordelia the pomeranian dogcordelia the pomeranian dogcordelia the pomeranian dogcordelia the pomeranian dogcordelia the pomeranian dog

Finally, Grandma let her in and she settled into a nap until the door opened again.

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Together Again

m. here, enjoying my morning coffee and the site of Sparky and Cordelia relaxing together (but never too close – Cordelia is a lady, after all). Like me, Cordelia always feels at home at my parent’s house. It is a nice retreat after the anxiety-inducing business of moving house. Cordelia made herself sick, somehow, during the move, which caused even more stress for all involved, but, I am happy to say, she is back to normal this morning – 100% piglet.

cordelia the pomeranian dog boyfriend sparky

Sparky Sparkalicious

Cordelia the pomeranian dog

Coy Cordelia

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Amongst Boxes

M. and D. are dragging me back over to Yakima, which makes me happy. I will be able to lay in the garden and will have about a million places to poop. It is going to be awesome.
Here I am in one of my favorite spots in the house, I can see M. and D. from here. Unfortunately they have been moving around a lot more, stacking boxes everywhere – I like it best when they stay in one place. I wonder where my favorite spots will be in the new house? And here I am helping m. pack –

BTW, if you haven’t already, you should ‘like’ my page on facebook, I am very entertaining.

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Fresh Fashion Photos

Look at that.  That title is a great example of alliteration.  I am a very smart pom and I know all about literary devices.  My favorite poem ever has the line ‘give the dog a juicy bone’, I don’t remember any of the other lines though…

Here I am, modeling for m.  She is a very demanding photographer.  It took a full 10 minutes just to get these shots, I was so tired by the end of it.

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If Only…Radical Pet Products

If only Cordelia was a cat, I would get this:

If only Cordelia didn’t hate anything on her head, she’d make you shake in your boots this halloween in this:

But this idea, I can do!  As long as the cups aren’t too deep, Cordelia won’t stick her snout into anything with high sides….and as long as the cup doesn’t rattle too much, she hates that too…

If only I had the money, I would order one of these for Cordelia in an instant, I wish they made one in my size!

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Vacation At The River

Cordelia gets hot.  It’s true.  She roasts like a juicy little shoat hog in the sun.  And before anyone accuses me a cruelty for not trimming her luscious, huge coat of hair, let me explain.  I used to cut her hair quite short, every summer, until I read that I was probably exposing her to more heat by doing so.  Here is how the story goes:  human sees fur coat on dog, human assumes fur coat makes dog extra hot, human removes most of fur coat to help with heat, human destroys the coat’s ability to self-regulate heat and cool the dog down and exposes dog’s skin under coat to the sun.  So I stopped cutting Cordelia’s hair in the summer.  I decided to trust nature.

Nature can help in other ways too.  Here are a few videos taken by my talented cousin Spencer on our family vacation, which demonstrate nature’s fantastic doggy cooling abilities:

Cordelia wasn’t excited about getting in the water, but I can tell you, she was happy afterwards.  We were just leaving our vacation and headed out on our seven hour drive home when d. had the brilliant idea to toss her in the water.  Cordelia had a much better car ride after cooling down in the river.  We didn’t hear any panting from her for five hours! It was truly miraculous.

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Cordelia’s Bath

Occasionally, Cordelia needs a bath.  She really isn’t keen on the bathing part, but is very happy when it is all over.  She runs around like a greyhound on a racing track, stopping only to catch her breath and rub her face into the carpet – to get that clean scent off.

To see Cordelia all wet at bath time, is to see her true shape and size.  Well, not here –

cordelia the pomeranian dog-here she looks like she is auditioning for a part as the Wicked Witch of the West in the Wizard of Oz.  You know the scene, the one where the witch is doused with water and melts onto the floor.  But here –

cordelia the pomeranian dogYes, with that mass of fur weighed down by water her head actually starts to look in proportion to her body.  Amazing!

She was a little hot.

cordelia the pomeranian dog

And what a happy beast was she when she gained her freedom and was able to shoot out of the bathroom at top speed!

After she wore herself out a bit, I got some post-bath photos.  I always love the subtle tribute to the 80’s her hair pays by crimping when it is wet.

cordelia the pomeranian dog

cordelia the pomeranian dogcordelia the pomeranian dogcordelia the pomeranian dogcordelia the pomeranian dogcordelia the pomeranian dogcordelia the pomeranian dogcordelia the pomeranian dogI was able to get a little footage of her running around too, but it needs a bit of work before it is worthy of the public.  I’ll let you know when it is done.  And next time, I will be better prepared for her antics.

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